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The girl with the devilish plan.

She’s got a pretty face
Pretty eyes, a pretty mouth
But from her heart
What pours out?
Is it love she shows?
Is it My Truth or just lies?
For, you see, the enemy
Is the master of disguise.
A wolf in sheep’s clothing?
That’s old news.
Lucifer steals the pretty girls
And makes them his muse.
Oh, he’ll dress his puppet up
In a well-painted glaze
Put her in a dress
And send her your way.
You’ll stop and stare
Maybe ask for directions
But before you spoke
She knew she had your attention.
She’s got blood on her hands,
And that’s not Revlon Cherry Red
On those lips with which
She turned your head.
Behind her bright brown eyes
She holds a dark secret
You’ll never find out
Because she intends to keep it.
You’ve got the faith
And she’s got the time
And all the Devil wants
Is for you to say, “You’re mine.”
Two words spoken
To the girl with blood stained lips
And you’ve lost your way at a sea
With no hope of a rescue ship.
You’ll wine her and dine her
Slowly forgetting
What I asked of you
In the beginning. 
That was Lucifer’s plan
all along, you see.
Because while you’re with her,
You’re forgetting Me. 

- Amanda H. 

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